Alfandari Group is a construction, development and infrastructure company with over 30 years of experience and impeccable reputation. The Company holds an unlimited construction classification license G-5


Alfandari Group - Tradition of Development & Construction


When a family keeps building for three decades! The Company was founded by Mr. Shimon Alfandary, a visionary and a true pioneer. Today Alfandari Group is led and managed by Ron Alfandary, second generation of the family. The Group prides in its elite human capital, carefully selected to preserve our tradition of business excellence, as well as, act upon our founding guidelines & principles, based on transparency, integrity and professionalism.

Over 30 Years of Experience

Founded in 1984, Alfandari Group has become since, a significant and major player through the various fields of the real estate sector, Including, private construction, residential, commercial and infrastructure development, as well as, initiation of real estate projects. The company’s constant development and its rich portfolio are based on years of hard work, high regard for business relationships and impeccable reputation.

Unlimited Construction License

Alfandari Group holds an unlimited construction classification license and is part of a short construction companies list classified for the unlimited license. The license enables Alfandari Group to carry out large scale projects through the country. The Group constantly aims to be at the forefront of high quality standards, creativity and excellence, with elite human resources, who live and breathe the field of construction, never forgetting that the client always comes first.


Real Estate Initiation & Development

Offices Construction & Finishing

Infrastructure Development

Roads & Civil Construction

Our Projects

With a rich variety of projects, our vast portfolio never ceases to grow. Click to learn more about some of our highlights and latest under-construction.

Ra'Anana Park

Amtiset Building

ONE Be'Erot Itzhak

ONE Afula Center

Bepex Building

Heights Casting

Mall & Commerce

Kibutz Hulda

Offices & Finishing


Private Houses

Our Clients

Mivne Group
Tel Aviv
Kfar Yona
Kfar Saba
Kibutz Hulda
Ezra Ubitzaron
Yehud Municipality
Tel Aviv University